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Clipper Organic Peppermint Infusion Fairtrade Envelope Display Box (250)

Clipper Organic Peppermint Infusion Fairtrade Envelope Display Box (250)

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Clipper Tea has created a special box of 250 tea bags. The box is made of recycled materials and is organic and fairtrade. This means that it is good for the environment and good for your health.

This tea is refreshing and light, with a peppermint flavor that's zingy. It's good for keeping you energized and clean.

Pillow Tea is a drink that you drink from a bag. It is made with tea and a pillow. You drink it while you are lying down.

This is a toy made from plastic. It has a shape and is colorful.

This product is made of a mixture of abaca (a type of banana), plant cellulose fibers, and PLA, which is a bio-polymer derived from plant material that is not genetically modified.

Tag tea bags are like tags that you put on clothes. They show the name of the person who made the tea bag, and they make it easy to find the tea bag again.

This is a toy that is made out of plastic.

This is a bag made of paper and wood cellulose based binders. The string is made of 100% organic certified cotton. The tag is made of paper. The bag is plastic free and unbleached.

Other envelopes are used to send things like money or gifts.

This is a chair made from wood.

Some paper has a heat seal coating that makes it really easy to attach things together.

Pack boxes to help with shipping.

This is a toy that is made from plastic.

A piece of paper is covered in ink. Then, a piece of cardboard is covered in the same ink. The two pieces of paper are then put together and the ink is transferred from the paper to the cardboard.

The foil inner bag is a type of bag that is made of thin, lightweight foil. It is used to store small items, such as snacks or makeup, and it is very easy to open and close.

This is a toy made from plastic.

Foil is a thin piece of metal that is usually rectangular or square. You can use it to wrap food or to make a decoration.

These things are made of materials that can be recycled and broken down into other things.

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