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Clipper Organic Berry Burst Infusion Envelope (250)

Clipper Organic Berry Burst Infusion Envelope (250)

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Clipper created a box of 250 Berry Burst Enveloped Tea Bags, which is more than enough for everyone. The Berry Burst Enveloped Tea bags are also organic, which is a nice bonus.

This infusion has a really strong, autumnal scent. It's really refreshing and intense, perfect for cold winter days.

Pillow tea bags are a way to drink tea without having to use a cup or a tea bag. You put the tea bag in the tea cup, put the cup in the microwave, and wait a few minutes. Then you can drink the tea from the tea bag.

This is a toy made of plastic. It has a lot of parts that you can move around.

This product is made of a blend of banana abaca, plant cellulose fibres, and PLA - a bio-polymer derived from non-GMO plant material. We are proud to be plastic-free and unbleached, of course.

String and tag tea bags are a fun way to enjoy your tea. Simply fill your mug with hot water and add the desired number of string and tag tea bags. Let the tea bags steep for 3-5 minutes and enjoy!

This is a toy that is made from plastic.

The paper in this binder is made from cellulose paper, which is made from recycled paper. The cotton string is made from organic certified cotton. And the tag is made from paper. This binder is plastic-free and unbleached, which means it's made without any harmful chemicals.

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This is a toy made from cloth.

Laminated foil is a type of paper that is cut into small, thin pieces and then folded together. It is used to make a variety of things, like pizza boxes and gift wrap.

These materials can be disposed of easily and will decompose over time.

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